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Name:Rustin S. Cohle
Birthdate:Jan 1
From Texas, a little.

From Alaska, a little more. Daddy was a survivalist. No TV until he was seventeen.

Spent way too long deep undercover. Has some neurological damage. Hallucinations, mostly. Ghosts. He doesn't sleep much. Spent a while institutionalized.

He knows a lot about philosophy. He doesn't like the cold. He especially doesn't like bullshit.

He's not good at talking about himself. Most people think he's a downer.


Rust Cohle is tall with sandy-blonde hair. Sometimes it's adequately styled. Sometimes (seven years later) it's very short. Sometimes (seven years after that) it's the length of his shoulder blades, drawn back into a ponytail, and accompanied by a pretty egregious handlebar mustache. Inevitably he has with him a notebook with a black cover -- looks like a ledger.

His childhood wasn't great. His adulthood has been going even worse.


In the spirit of his canon, Rust will be entering from various points along his own timeline, and not necessarily in order. Useful flash points along that timeline: 1995, 2002, 2012.


Rust Cohle, from True Detective, is the property of HBO, Nic Pizzolatto, and other assorted people who aren't me. His likeness: Matthew McConaughey. This journal is for use in [community profile] milliways_bar, for role playing. It generates no profit.

I'm [personal profile] agonistes.

Interests (6):

completely mundane storage units, grenades, humid subtropical climates, lone star beer, nietzche, scented meat
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